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Update From Bret On Tonight’s Grantville, Pennsylvania Homecoming

This is what coming home to Central Pennsylvania feels like – my true family, friends & fans, one big family. It was a record-breaking crowd at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. All I can say is, thank you for one of the best nights in my life ever & see you next year on Parti-Gras 2.0.

It was great to visit Dad early this morning before the Grantville, Pennsylvania / Hollywood Casino outdoor amphitheater show. Everyone here could not be more hospitable. It has been an incredible day.

Also this morning I was honored to be put to work, helping lower, maintain the flags & replace those that needed it. Alongside some of our nations’ veteran men & women who are the real rockstars. Tonight at my show, I will honor heroes along with our incredible hometown crowd. Tonight, these musicians are an incredible mixture of rock, pop, country, & Americana. I always say music is a universal language that unites us, not divide us, but rather brings us altogether.

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