MOVIES: A Letter From Death Row

A Letter From Death Row


Written by, Directed by, Produced by & Starring Bret Michaels

A gritty psychological suspense thriller, A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW takes you through the mind ofconvicted murderer, Michael Raine (BRET MICHAELS, lead singer of the rock group POISON) as he writes his book while on death row, confessing his side of the story. Found guilty of killing his girlfriend, Kristi (KRISTI GIBSON), Raine is sentenced to die. While on Death Row, Raine is befriended by the Governor Assistant, Jessica Foster (LORELEI SHELLIST), claiming to be writing a book about Death Row inmates. Growing close, Raine begins to trust Jessica, only to learn that she holds the missing piece to the puzzle. Once the date for Raine’s execution is set, he discovers through fellow Death Row inmate, Lucifer Powers, that the Governor was in love with the woman he was convicted of killing, and that Power’s himself was framed for a murder committed by the Governor. But is the truth all what it appears to be?

Quotes Michael Raine, “A good writer can make the mind imagine ….a great writer can make the mind believe.”

A LETTER FROM DEATH ROW also stars Martin Sheen and Rob Wild with a special cameo appearance by Charlie Sheen. Produced by Ann Gillis.


Bret Michaels will make history on this film by being the only musician to Executive Produce, Write, Direct, Score as well as record the entire soundtrack (not to mention stunts, camera operator and yes, caterer).


Running Time: 90 mins.

Rating: This film is not yet rated. Not recommended for young viewers.


A Letter From Death Row
A Letter From Death Row
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