MOVIES: No Code Of Conduct

No Code of Conduct


(Written by Bret Michaels – Charlie Sheen – Shane Stanley)
Jacob Petersen (Charles Sheen), a macho cop and his partner Paul Faraci (Mark Decascos) stumble across $50 Million worth of heroin being trafficked across the Mexican border only to learn that it’s being spearheaded by city leaders and law enforcement for their own gain. Unknown to Jacob and Paul, Captain Bill Peterson (Martin Sheen) is in an undercover investigation along with DEA Special Agent John Bagwell (Paul Gleeson), which causes an inner-department conflict leading to the death of two of the undercover cops (one played by Bret Michaels). Adding to Jacob’s problems, he is seperated from his wife (Meridth Sallinger) and five year old daughter. Also starring Joe Lando and Ron Masak. This action thriller was shot on location in Phoenix, Arizona and includes 100Mph car chases and explosions on one of Phoenix’s historic landmarks.


Mark Dacascos…. Paul DeLucca
Courtney Gains…. Cameron
Paul Gleason …. Bagwell
Joe Lando…. Willdog
Ron Masak…. Julian Disanto
Bruce Nelson…. Steve
Tina Nguyen…. Shi
Meredith Salenger…. Rebecca Peterson
Charlie Sheen…. Jake Peterson
Martin Sheen…. Bill Peterson

Directed by Bret Michaels – Writing credits Bret Michaels & Charlie Sheen – Cinematography by Adam Kane

Other crew:
Todd Gilbert…. post-production supervisor
Ray E. Klein…. stand-in: Charlie Sheen
Susan McNamara…. production manager
Jewels Satterfield…. first assistant director

Filming locations for No Code of Conduct (1998)
Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Tempe, Arizona, USA


No Code Of Conduct
No Code Of Conduct
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