#SpotifySaturday: I Remember

“I Remember” is from 2003’s Songs of Life release.

“I have had diabetes since I was six – 34 years now.  I take eight blood tests along with four insulin shots every day.

 “Some diabetics consider the disease a curse, however, in some strange way, I consider it to be a blessing.  It has taught me to overcome many obstacles.  It has given me a drive to succeed and let nothing stand in the way of my dreams, even if I have to go twice as far to get half the distance.  It keeps me inspired to never stop.

“I wanted this song to have the old school sound of 60’s and 70’s rock ‘n roll.   I wanted Les Paul guitars, big reverb drums and my patent harmonica riff to take people back to the AM radio sound of my childhood.

Bret Michaels
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