National Diabetes Month and Veteran’s Day Spotlight: CA Senator – General Richard Roth, USAF (ret.)

Bret Michaels has led a career that took him from an underdog to a world-renowned music icon and successful creative entrepreneur. An important addition to this success has been his commitment to giving back for his entire career. As a lifelong Type 1 diabetic, Michaels has always seen the cause of diabetes as central to his philanthropy since he knows exactly the unique challenges that diabetics face.

Beginning in 2019, Michaels teamed up with Ease T1D and California Senator Richard Roth to offer his support for what became SB97 – a bill that sought to bring valuable diabetic education to the state’s millions of school children. After a long, hard-fought journey, the bill was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom this week. Michaels, who has sent numerous diabetic children to summer camps over the years through his Life Rocks Foundation, was seen as instrumental to the passing of the bill through his unwavering and vocal public support.

Announcing the success of passing the bill on Twitter, Senator Roth said, “Knowledge is power. SB97 has just been signed by the Governor, empowering students & their families with the info they need to catch early signs of T1D! Our long journey wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication & leadership of Bret Michaels and all of our T1D champions!”

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