#KnowSurviveThrive – National Diabetes Month

#KnowSurviveThrve Campaign
#KnowSurviveThrve Campaign Know the Facts. Survive the Impact. Thrive and Live the Life You Dream.

November is Diabetes Awareness Month:
We want you to #KnowSurviveThrive

Throughout November, we’ll be highlighting stories that make a difference and illustrate the #KnowSurviveThrive campaign:

  • Know the facts about diabetes – talk to your doctor about it; learn more about managing your diabetes.
  • Survive the impact of a diagnosis of you or a loved one.
  • Thrive – Live the life you dream. With your doctor’s guidance, you can make a plan to manage your diabetes and enjoy the things you love.

We know that everyone is different; that’s why your doctor’s input is important to living with and managing your diabetes. Take the journey with us this November as we help raise awareness for education and research as we post information and stories here and at

#KnowSurviveThrive Tees are now available.

A big thank you to Amy and Kyle for sharing a photo wearing their shirts! We appreciate their support for this campaign. 

Get your tee by clicking the photo banner above. Share your photos on your social channels and tag with #BretMichaels #KnowSurviveThrive #DiabetesAwarenessMonth.

You can also submit your photos via Submission Form.

The #KnowSurviveThrive campaign tees are just one of the ways we are raising awareness. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Life Rocks Foundation.  Donate directly to the Bret Michaels Life Rocks Foundation here.

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