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#FanPhotoFriday: Bridget

This is my inspiration story about Bret Michaels.

I always remember him from the poison days watching all the videos of his on MTV. My favorite was something to believe in. I was always touched by that video. Every time I heard it, it got me through my rough days; even the passing of my mother who I lost when I was just 16. Then after I saw him on Oprah after his brain hemorrhage talking about what happened to him and Raine talking about her love for dad it made me appreciate my father who I still had with me at the time even more.

I have met Bret Michaels 8 times and seen him in concert 9 times.

When I told him about my type 2 diabetes, he asked me what my a1c was? Since I was newly diagnosed, I didn’t know what that was till Bret explained it to me. He told me to be sure to get it checked every 6 months to keep on top of it just like he does. He said we’ll be the diabetic duo. The next time I saw him was in Atlantic city NJ I told him what my a1c was it was 6.2, he was impressed, and he said I should be his inspiration.

This just shows how humble and caring a person he is.

Bridget M.

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