Fan Photo Friday

Fan Photo Friday: Jennifer & Raine Rescued Each Other

In 2016 I was having a very hard time with everything. I was listening to Bret's song alot and that would help me get through. One day I woke up and drove down to North Shore Animal League in Long Island, NY. I saw this cute and amazing little puppy, within 10 minutes I had already signed the adoption papers. I waited 4 hours and finally they said that I was approved and I would be able to take my puppy home. When I got in the car with her my phone connected to my radio and the song that came on was "Raine". It immediately brought tears to my eyes and thats when I knew I would call my new puppy, Raine. She has gotten me through so many rough times and she is a certified therapy dog as well. She helps others with their difficult times. She's a happy Staffordshire terrier that wants nothing more but to make people happy. She rescued me when I rescued her.

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Fan Photo Friday: Jennifer and Raine
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