Bret’s Journey With the Leslie’s T-Rex Floatie Has Been Nothing But A Good Vibe!

Bret getting his giant Leslie’s inflatable T-Rex

Have you followed Bret’s journey on his social media this week? It’s been a fun trip to the Leslie’s store for a giant inflatable T-Rex and even a love ballad written by Bret for it! Check out his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for anything you might have missed!

Said Leslie’s: We all know Bret is a music icon, but he’s also a longtime friend and loyal customer of Leslies. We know he loves his outdoor & pool life, and always rocks his real estate with amazing pools. He has helped to design and customize pools, not only for his own homes, but for luxury properties he has developed around the globe. We’re enjoying Bret having nothing but a good time with the gigantic T-Rex floatie and having fun rocking his socials. 

Watch for the fun finale tomorrow!

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