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Bret Michaels President’s Day Fast Facts

Fast Fact #1: Bret Michaels was a Top 5 choice for People magazine’s 50 Most Intriguing issue (he missed 50 Most Beautiful People by one vote and was number 51).

Fast Fact #2: After winning Celebrity Apprentice, while filming Rock of Love Bret created the only lifetime drink with Keurig / Dr Pepper / Snapple entitled TROP-A-ROCKA which remains the only continuous product of any Celebrity Apprentice winner to this day that remains in stores as a top selling beverage.Currently at Bret Michaels’ Parti-Gras Music Festivals while backstage, Bret mixed it with vodka making it a TROP-A-ROCKA & Vodka party. Along with his current rum entitled Tropical Rum Runner, which consists of a blend of island rum, coconut and lime. Michaels goes further by making his concerts a positive energy audio / visual experience for the senses for sight, sound, touch and smell by adding a touch of the Tropical Rum Runner to the hazing machines that smoke the stage, giving the audience the scent of a summer beach day on the islands.

Fast Fact #3: A lesser known fact in Bret’s former life he was a freedom fighting patriot, against all tyranny and oppression (see historical reference photo). Although there are absolutely no facts to prove any of this and history books do not reflect these events, Bret was the first president of the United States of America. Although history does not show this in any books or written pages of his former life, Bret was known as a lovable bad boy, a fun loving outlaw that ran the first and only hardy party, which was a party of hard-working men and women that gathered to have nothing but a good time and for what will be known as the party of America…an even lessor known fact, none of the last facts may be true!

Happy President’s Day to all!

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