Update From Patrick Edwards To The Fans!

Greetings! Patrick Edwards here, hope you are all doing well! As singer/songwriter Bret Michaels’ record breaking Unbroken world tour rolls on, today we celebrate you the 3 generations of amazing fans! When you come to Bret Michaels show, you embrace the lifestyle, experience and are awesome for doing so. No matter where you are around the world, we always see you tailgating in the parking lots prior to the show. In fact, Bret is bringing back the true parking lot tailgate community with his Rock Block Parties. Ya know like when people used to party from the trunk of their car, hung, talked and lived in the moment. Only now you can merge old and new school by taking a selfie.

We hear you getting loud at the first sight of Bret’s mic stand appearing center stage complete with his signature cowboy hat topping the mic. The electricity you put out into the air is indescribable as the walkup music plays, Bret hits the stage and you are always ready for an insane party with great hit songs.

Knowing Bret for over 20 years, I have seen this guy put it all out there onstage always giving 1000% and making time to meet fans, whether it be in a meet & greet setting or going over to meet fans at the fence. His passion is contagious from the top down and is the reason we in his band and crew are always out there hanging with you, handing out guitar picks, shirts, hats etc.

Over the years I have seen Bret emerge as an international music icon and man of the fans. As I and many of you know, he is the real deal. Stay tuned to BretMichaels.com because details on CCCRockerFest are coming soon. It’ll be Crocktober this fall! Have a great weekend and here’s to you. – PE

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