The Rock Star, The Veteran & The Rock Doc – How Our Lives Intertwined To Save A Friend’s Life

Some of you might recognize our friend Big John. The man next to him is Dr. Saad Ahmad, who 5 years ago when all other doctors had no answers to a heart condition John was experiencing stepped up and said “if you do what I say I can help get you 5 more years with your heart and then we will discuss further options.” On August.15th, almost 5 years to the day John suffered a complete heart failure and was dying when once again Saad stepped in and said, “I can help your life for many more years though it is going to be a big change which will be rough, but if you choose not to you will die.” After several intense surgeries and a few setbacks John now has an LVAD device which is a device that now controls blood flow throughout his body instead of his heart.

Dr. Ahmad is a rocker at heart who loves Bret Michaels and Poison. As a “Thank You” for being the frontline professional to save John’s life, Bret Michaels personalized and signed a his custom signature “Every Rose” guitar to which Big John presented to this very special rock doc. 
“This was such a great feeling to present to my very own angel who has never let me down. Thank you to Bret Michaels and Dr. Ahmad as I am forever grateful.” states John.

This story shows the “Unbroken” fighting spirit that Bret, John, Dr. Ahmad and so many others possess. It is what drives us and brings us together to rise up in the face of adversity. Watch Bret’s music video below for his song “Unbroken”.

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