Thank You Message From Bret

On these photos there is a bittersweet moment knowing this portion of my summer tour with Poison, Def Leppard & Tesla is over. I hope Poison will do it again in a few years as honestly it was a great tour. The band rocked, the fans ruled & I promised fans that Poison would tour.

Thanks to Bobby, Rikki & C.C. that it happened, but now it’s time for the B*M*B to rock the world again starting Tuesday full-time. Also, I noticed in this photo at the top part of my outer triceps that it’s time to change my injection sites as they are starting to form lots of scar tissue. After 48 years of 5 injections a day, getting to rock & be on the good side of the dirt, it’s a small price to pay!

Thanks again to Bobby, Rikki, C.C., all our crew & most important you the fans for a great tour! Huge thank you to all at Def Leppard, Tesla, both bands, their crew & management. Thank you & as they say, ” it takes a village of great people to move a mountain”.

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