Message From Bret: Thank You For Joining The Moment Today In Celebration Of My Father

Thank you to everyone who joined the moment today as it is my Father’s service & military burial. It is a painful & bittersweet day for me as I’m a problem solver/solution finder who loves to make people smile, but today it truly hit me that there is no bringing my father physically back, it is final. I can’t fix this one which is why it’s so important to have faith to believe in something, to love him more than he will ever know & remember that this is God’s plan, that I will see him again one day. I know he is with me, I can feel it & I know he is in heaven with all his family & friends that preceded him. Although he may have had to do some negotiating at the pearly gates, he is smiling down on us & I hope there is a VFW that sells a shot & a beer up there. Although it’s his heart that finally gave out on him it was big enough for all of us. I LOVE YOU DAD & MISS YOU EVERYDAY! THANK YOU FOR BEING AWESOME, I HOPE I DON’T LET YOU DOWN.

Love – Your Son

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