Personal Message From Bret For 2017!

I have just two words to say to all the fans/friends/family of the Bret Michaels Band & staff that would sum up 2016 which is…Thank You! Sincerely, Thank You! We are blessed to have 3 generations of such awesome fans & we did more dates than I can count having more great times than we deserve just know we always give a 1000%, but we can’t do any of it without you so again…Thank You!                         

As for 2017 it will be a little different this year. For all that know me I put my all into everything I do & my passion is both my blessing as well as my curse. In the process of giving all to my music as you may know if I could I would play a live show every night, lol. But, with that undying love of playing live music I have lost a bit of balance between my personal/professional life & need some time to do some maintenance on my body, mind & soul. Just a tune-up the doctors say, just know this year there will be a few less Bret Michaels Band shows, but each will be special & I will feel great again & will be recharged.

I will have my diabetes & some other issues under control again. I also hope to balance out with a possible Poison tour if C.C., Bobby, Rikki & I can work out the timing. If it happens it will be great! Most important know I am thankful for all of you that have allowed me to live out my rock ‘n’ roll fantasy over & over again, well beyond & have put up with all my crazy creative endeavors so again…Thank You!


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