My thoughts & prayers go out to those affected by the California woolsey fire. I have been through these kinds of fires twice in my life in Malibu which burnt down. The horse barns, all the motorcycles, but thankfully no human lives or animals were lost because the neighbors & I evacuated as the fire burned. My property there is in currently in imminent danger, but the family safely evacuated. There are houses across & down the street on fire. It is so important to evacuate & always have an evacuation plan. Possessions can be replaced, lives cannot. Be sensible & safe, not one single thing is worth your life.

My life is truly roses & thorns. Last night I was grateful to receive an incredible honor from two diabetic training camps & diabetic of the month to kickoff diabetes month. I was awarded the #ComeExperienceTheMagic award only to find out after a great show in Atlantic City that houses in my area were on fire from the Agoura Hills woolsey & spot fires on the property. All are evacuated & safe.

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