Message From Raine Michaels, Fox News/TooFab Interviews & New Fragrance/Candle Creation To Benefit Charities!

Check out these new Fox News and TooFab interviews with Raine Michaels as she embarks on her journey to realize her dream in hopes of becoming a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model.

Fox News:


“I just wanted to say thank you again to MJ Day, Kate Upton and all at Sports Illustrated for the opportunity to compete with all of the great women who tried out. All of the amazing women in the top 16 especially Brenna Huckaby who I got to share the stage possessing strength and inner beauty. It was an amazing experience and I hope to continue though I take nothing for granted and will work hard, but also will continue my path of working part-time as a veterinary assistant and at college in the fall. Most important, I would like to say thank you for all the kind fan support. It really lifted my spirits and helped as I was really excited, but nervous. So again, a big thank you!” – Raine Michaels

We are excited to announce a new candle scent to coincide with a fragrance created by Raine and sister, Jorja Bleu titled “Beautiful Soul” as well as a new candle called “Sweet Jorja-Raine” which comes out soon to A large portion of proceeds from product sales benefits charities such as St. Jude Children’s Hospital, diabetes (the girl’s father is a type one diabetic), veterans, animal causes and many more.

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