Message From Bret Michaels Regarding Yesterday’s Florida High School Shooting

Our thoughts, prayers & deepest condolences remain with the victims & families as a result of yesterday’s Florida High School shooting. As a parent myself who has recently instilled proactive resolution to a situation against my own daughter I encourage everyone to come together for resolution as this is out of control & requires zero tolerance. Over the next few weeks I am going to get proactive on all fronts, but today our hearts go out to those affected in Florida. These issues are complex with many layers of the onion needing to be peeled back to find the source, which is exactly what I had to do. It cannot be stated enough, if you know something or suspect something certainly do something. Get involved when all the warning signs are there. This is not only about finding the parents, kids & source, it is also about figuring out how to remedy the problem. We must pull our heads from the sand & be proactive to prevent this from happening to your own children or yourself. Being alert, aware & through proactive communication could possibly stop this from happening in your community.

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