Important Message From Michaels Entertainment Group

On behalf of the entire Michaels Entertainment Group organization, we wanted to take the time to share some information and make a couple of important announcements.

As members of Team B*M*B and employees of Bret’s it is our job to help create and promote all of the many projects Bret as an artist, business man or otherwise takes on.

We are asking you to read and share the information below.  Recent events and information we have been given is a poignant reminder that we need to make sure everyone is aware of all of the following details.

First and most importantly, let us introduce the team to you. The names below are the only employees of Last Child Productions and Michaels Entertainment Group at this time and all other entities held and operated by Bret Michaels.

Bret Michaels – President/Owner Operator

Janna – Vice President of Operations

Christine – Chief Technical Officer/Creative Director

Patrick – Communications/Philanthropy Director

Pete – Tour Manager/Music Director

Mike – Bret Michaels Band

Eric – Bret Michaels Band

Rob – Bret Michaels Band

Bob – Bret Michaels Band Production Manager

Mark – PA

JT – Bret Michaels Band – Crew

Ken – Bret Michaels Band – Crew

Kyle – Bret Michaels Band – Crew

Bob – Bret Michaels Band Merchandiser

Staci – Business Affairs

Margaret – Business Affairs

Brian – Legal Affairs

Ryan – Legal Affairs

There is only one official Facebook page for Bret Michaels ( and we do not authorize, or contribute to, any other page on Facebook. There are NO official fan pages authorized by Bret, our organization, management or our legal team nor are there any other Facebook pages nor administrators of said pages that are authorized to comment, commit or act on either Bret’s or our behalf.

There are many Bret Michaels/Bret Michaels fan pages and communities on Facebook created and operated by fans.  We have no affiliation with any of those pages and again they may not act as if they are official in any way.

At this time there is no Bret Michaels fan club and we currently have no plans for another paid fan club. We do not and have not authorized anyone to create a fan club/fan club page on behalf of Bret Michaels or our organization.

At this time our organization maintains one official page on each of the following sites:

Facebook –

Twitter –

YouTube –

Instagram –

Tumblr –

Google+ –

Pinterest –

All other official sites will be linked from the official Bret Michaels web site which can only be found at As we expand our social media offerings, the announcement as to the official page links for those sites will take place on

To all of our fans we implore you to please be careful of who you interact with and what you believe.  While most people are honest unfortunately there are some out there looking to take advantage of those who will listen.  None of our employees will ever ask for you to send them money.  All donations can be made through secure connections to protect you, Bret and our entire team.  While we do share information on numerous charities or charitable events, you should only donate to recognized entities that you are comfortable doing so.

Again, there is no official ‘Fan Club,’ ‘Fan Club site,’ or ‘Fan Club Facebook’ Page.  While we appreciate the efforts of all Bret’s fans to promote all things Bret Michaels, there are no official fan club pages or fan sites.  We do not endorse, operate or authorize any page on Facebook outside the one and only official Bret Michaels Facebook page.  A list of our other/only official sites is listed in this statement.

Due to the volume of mail we receive we cannot help everyone nor respond to every request or e-mail.  Nor can we promote every event Bret’s fans ask him to help with.

Street Team members are not employees of Bret Michaels, Michaels Entertainment Group (MEGI), Last Child Productions or any other entity owned or controlled by Bret Michaels or his employees.  Street Team members may not list Bret Michaels/MEGI/Last Child Productions as a place of employment nor may it be used as a reference when seeking work.  Street Team members may not make any promises or commitments to other fans on our behalf whatsoever.  The mission of our street team is simply to promote all things Bret Michaels by sharing information.  Street Team members may not solicit donations.

There is a Terms of Service document on the street team site at and much of what this message is about today is covered there as well. We do appreciate everything the fans have done over the years. We never want to take that loyalty for granted. However, recently there has been some confusion.   At no time do we ask any street team member or fan to directly seek donations for any charitable cause.  We will ask for your help or support and will ask that you share with others who may be interested in helping. However, we will never suggest or ask you to send money to private individuals/funds nor make a direct donation to the Life Rocks Foundation that isn’t through secure methods.  Bret supports a myriad of causes through his Life Rocks Foundation.  Should you wish to make a donation online to help Bret’s causes, the only way you may do so is by visiting and clicking on the ‘donate now’ link.  We implore that you do not give money to anyone asking for a direct donation on Bret or our company’s behalf.

We encourage you to share the or pages. We do encourage people to get involved with their chosen causes, but they must do so without any named connection to Bret Michaels or the Life Rocks Foundation. We have helped many people over the years, but as only one organization we cannot assist everyone who seeks help. You cannot solicit donations for your own or any other causes using Bret Michaels name, logo or likeness.

We will also take this opportunity to remind everyone about our community guidelines to our Facebook page and our other official sites where comments are allowed. In an effort to make everyone feel welcome and to keep the comments on topic, we are asking a few simple things from everyone. Our Team B*M*B members reserve the right to remove or report comments that do not meet community guidelines.

  1. Please stay on topic. No advertising or spam is permitted.
  2. Please respect other people’s privacy.
  3. Please be respectful in your comments on the stories and photos posted on this page.

Should you find yourself receiving e-mails, texts, Facebook messages or otherwise from someone claiming to represent Bret or our company or making promises on our behalf please e-mail us at

The official list of Bret Michaels related domains are below:

We maintain only two Gmail addresses as described on the information page. All other correspondence will generate from one of the domains listed above. Please note there are additional domains that may come into use at a later date – once again will have that announcement, along with a list of all official sites.

Official merchandise can only be purchased from Bret Michaels live shows and our store  Again, links to tour dates and our store can be found at Items that you find on eBay and other auction sites may not be authentic or authorized and may be illegally produced- so we issue a buyer beware whenever finding items outside of our sites.  We do not license the Bret Michaels Logo, his name nor photos to third parties for the purposes of creating merchandise that you find on e-bay or other auction sites. (ie. Bret Michaels Guitar pick necklaces, wallets, handbags, watches, clocks, Rock of Love, Rock My RV or other ‘trinket’ type items are not officially licensed or authorized by MEGI.)

There are exceptions to every rule, such as the official PetSmart Bret Michaels Collection which is sold exclusively at PetSmart and not on our web sites. However we will always promote official partner programs through our official sites.

In short, we value our fans and want to do our part to protect each and every one of you.  If you are being contacted via phone or other manner by someone claiming to be Bret, one of our staff or an affiliated party please e-mail us at

One final notice – all photos and graphics created for or used on any and all Bret Michaels web sites and social pages are the intellectual property of Bret Michaels and related entities or as described on or with the photo/graphic. Those images may not be used on other sites in any form, including but not limited to, unauthorized merchandise or downloads.

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