I want to thank our veterans & propose that we 1000% should have a parade in their honor in DC. If some disagree on the money it will cost, let’s consider the American soldiers lives it cost for our freedom. As Americans let’s help to raise the money to cover some of the costs to throw a real parade to honor those who fought, served & were never honored. Especially men like my Dad Wally, Uncle Nick who in World War II fought during the Battle Of The Bulge & Cousin Bob who fought during Korea & Vietnam. Neither would ask for a parade, but they & all veterans truly 1000% deserve it. I am the son of a veteran, most of my family served past & current. I’ve trained with veterans, hang with veterans, raise funds for veterans, employ veterans & ask that we as Americans regardless of political views honor our veterans for the freedoms they provide us. #FreedomRocks

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