Bret Michaels’ #FreedomRocks Veteran’s Day Video Tribute

On this Veteran’s Day join us in honoring the men and women of our armed forces for their service/sacrifice to allow us the freedom we have. Please consider donating to Bret’s Life Rocks Foundation @ to help these heroes through Bret’s #FreedomRocks campaign. Thank you!

Bret Michaels by nature is a huge supporter of our nation’s military and through these videos above it is easily defined why his passion for these heroes runs deep. Coming from a long of family members who have served in the United States Armed Forces, Bret continues to find inspiration in those in his family who have served this great country. At an early age Bret knew that he wanted to serve his country, however due to the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes at 6 years old he would later learn that he would be unable to enlist due to his lifelong medical condition.

Though unable to enlist due do his diabetes, the checks and balances of life defined Bret’s passion to support the men and women of our nation’s armed forces. The members of Bret’s family in these photos taught Bret what a hero is and what a hero does, how to bounce back from adverse situations and how to stand up and be accounted for. No matter what side of the political coin you support, what is important to all of us are the great heroes that serve this great country in the United States armed forces.  – Team Bret 

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