Bret Michaels’ Award Winning Rockstar Suite Continues To Be A Riviera Maya, Mexico / Hard Rock Visitors Highlight

Over the course of his highly successful career, multi-platinum recording artist, global entrepreneur and philanthropist Bret Michaels has strategically put the building blocks in place to explore other successful business ventures including real estate. Michaels’ vision as it pertains to real estate acquisitions is simple, create something comfortable, and structurally sound with an amazing space to entertain set in a location in which people will love. Bret Michaels Properties (BMP) showcases Michaels’ astounding enthusiasm for real estate and its subsequent track record proves that he has his finger on the pulse of the industry, realizing people’s desires and knowing how to achieve them.

In conjunction with Hard Rock, Bret Michaels set his sights on beautiful Mexico to deliver the ultimate and largest destination space of its kind when together they revealed the Bret Michaels Rock Star Suite located at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya. Since its inception Bret’s Rock Star Suite property has garnered the attention of hotel/vacation industry leaders while remaining a mainstay destination for consumers and businesses. The suite has also received numerous awards and recognitions to date including being voted by USA Today as 1 of 6 “Best Beaches”, named “Best Luxury Hotel Suite” in North America by Jetset Magazine, receiving a HOPSY (dubbed the “The Oscars Of The Travel Industry”) for “Best Suite Design” and the Bret Michaels Rock Star Suite was honored to be voted “Mexico’s Leading Hotel Suite” by World Travel Awards cementing it as one of the most sought after vacation spots in the world.

Bret’s luxurious suite features an all-inclusive resort experience with over 8,000 square feet of space overlooking the ocean, complete with a state of the art fitness center, bar, DJ booth and more! Using the same blueprint for all of his real estate ventures, Michaels was hands on involved in both design and creation aspects for this suite.

As a major REITs investor, Michaels has been known to sell well ahead of the bubble as it pertains to properties both domestic and international including Arizona, Florida, California, Tennessee and Canada.

Viewed as an attraction all its own, Bret’s Rock Star Suite has served as the setting for Hollywood celebrities and musicians the likes of Imagine Dragons, Elvis Duran and countless others. Even Bret’s own daughter Raine is going to be serving as host at the Riviera Maya suite location, proving that hard work and dedication gets the job done segueing into nothin’ but a good time.

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