Bret Michaels’ Annual Stage It Event Is Coming April 8, 2019!

On Monday April 8, 2019 singer/songwriter Bret Michaels comes into your home or mobile device via a livestream Stage It performance. This annual event is an opportunity for fans to interact with Bret during the performance in what will be a party of epic proportions. A portion of the proceeds from the event goes to charity via Bret Michaels’ Life Rocks Foundation. Get complete details by clicking HERE!

This event is happening 100% live and will never be shown again! Only 200 tickets will be sold and once they are gone, they are gone. 

Last year this event sold out in record time, don’t miss your chance to interact live and you could win an awesome piece of rock ‘n’ roll memorabilia!

Get Stage It tickets by clicking HERE!

* Once you are registered for the April 8th Stage It and have your ticket you will notice that you have something called NOTES which are the equivalent of money in Stage It setting. You can purchase as many NOTES as you want.

* Prior to or during the show you can use your NOTES to TIP the artist. At the end the night the highest tippers will be the winners of these great prizes.

* YOUR TICKET PRICE is factored into your total NOTES (also combined with your TIPS). 

There will also be some extra special items that will be auctioned off using NOTES including Bret’s signed hat, shirt and more to be announced!

Get Bret’s new single “Unbroken” co-written by and featuring daughter Jorja Michaels, watch the music video and share your own story now by clicking HERE! – Team Bret

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