‪A Message From Bret Michaels On This Inauguration Day!‬

Last night I stood proud to be the headliner of the Heroes Ball to meet and perform for our veterans, officers and firefighters. These are true heroes and families of the fallen soldiers. I stood beside them, hugged them and felt both their pride and their pain. It was not a political event rather it was a moment of thanks that went far beyond a concert and I couldn’t have been more proud. 

Today I welcome our 45th President to office, Donald J. Trump whose inauguration speech was strong patriotic and powerful. I am a man who is also truly patriotic, the son of a veteran and from a family of veterans, firefighters, police officers and hardworking blue collar Americans. As I spent time around President Trump’s family during Celebrity Apprentice and many charitable events raising money for St. Jude’s I feel strongly that Mr. Trump and his family are truly patriotic and believes in rebuilding our country in many ways. His work ethic was incredible and I believe he will have an open ear to all of us as citizens and immigrants, regardless of gender or beliefs and for that I am thankful. He is now our president so let us put aside our differences and work together.  

I also want to thank Former President Obama, his wife and family for a peaceful transfer of power. I thank Mr. Obama for guiding the country at a very bad time and his efforts to rebuild it to this point. I hope that both President Trump and Mr. Obama can work together and learn from each other to make this country great again by standing together. I ask all parties to put their differences aside for the sake of all Americans regardless of race, creed, religion, color, gender or belief so that opinions and voices can be heard respectfully and in nonviolent ways with a means to resolve. I implore you to please honor our veterans who truly sacrificed life and limb to make America great again by being stronger together. America is awesome because of it’s diversity and we are allowed to voice our opinions, without being beheaded, because of the freedoms we are awarded from our great veterans. In closing, today we welcome Donald J. Trump as the new Commander in Chief. Let’s make America rock! 

– Bret Michaels

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